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River Walking: Rio Genal, Genalguacil

“The valley of the river Genal is a real gem. It passes through three distinct zones – from the barren treeless karst of the upper valley below the peak of Jarestepar (1427m), through the chestnut plantations around the villages of the upper Genal (stunning around November, when in autumnal colours) to the oak forests of the lower Genal. The real attraction, however, is the white villages – fifteen of them dotted prominently on both sides of the deep river valley . There are a network of pathways connecting these which make for great walking in stunning landscapes – usually easy underfoot , but with some savage ascents, particularly if crossing the river between villages! Every village has its charm and attraction, but if one has to single out a few they would be Alpandeire, Parauta and Igualeja (where the source of the river is to be found) in the upper Genal valley and Benalauria, Jubrique and Genalgaucil (a village loved by artists, with sculptures on every street corner), in the lower valley.”

Extract from River Walks, Walk

Also check out the Benaraba to Genalguacil walk which crosses both the Rio Genal & Rio Almarchal, directly passing Cloud House Farm.

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