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Cloud House Farm Supports Hug-mi™

The Cloud House team are proud to announce the arrival of Hug-mi™ : The Backpack that keeps on Hugging!

The Cloud House team have a vested interest in Hug-mi™, this is a brand we’re been involved with since the beginning. Hug-mi™ keeps on hugging and has adopted real life bears to match their new Bear-hugg™ characters: Koala, Polar, Grizzly and Panda. As a company Hug-mi™ supports these endangered animals and regularly keeps their fans informed of their progress.

The Bear-hugg™ backpacks will soon be available for purchase on By simply making a purchase you will be joining the Hug-mi™ programme to support endangered species. By doing so you too will be passing on the hugs!

For more information and details of how to get involved please visit their Kickstarter page here.

Please keep the ‘hugs’ coming!

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New Residents @ Cloud House Farm!

Meet Boris, Betsy, Beso & Bee, the new Cloud House residents!

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Cloud House Sponsors

Its not often the Cloud House team gets motivated by a political cause, but since being invited to sponsor a prize for the charity Free Tibet dot org‘s fundraising raffle, we’ve really gotten behind this.

The children of Tibet face all the challenges of life under occupation, and in many cases are full participants in the struggle to resist it.

That means they are also victims of the systematic and ever-present abuse of human rights in Tibet.

If you’d also like to learn more, support their cause or join the protest against the opening of an Intercontinental super hotel lining the pockets of the Chinese elite, please visit the website


“Tibet is not a playground. It is a country under military occupation whose people are subjected to gross human rights abuses, where peaceful protests are brutally suppressed and the local culture, religion and language is being wiped out by a ruthless oppressor. Intercontinental Hotels Group is building a luxury hotel in Tibet for the Chinese, selling out Tibetans and their struggle for freedom.”

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