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Cloud House Farm

SOS Children is the world's largest orphan charity. They directly help over 70,000 children in their family-based SOS Children's Villages in 124 countries around the world. They give children who have nothing and no one, a family, a home, an education and a future.

Cloud House Farm is a proud sponsor of the Waterfalls Children's village near Harare.
By contributing €2 from each nightly booking we try to make a difference, however small.

SOS Children's Village Waterfalls was built on a 36 hectares plot of land surrounded by beautiful blue gum trees. It has been a family home to children since 1989 and has since become a new home to many orphaned, abandoned and neglected children.

SOS Children's Village Waterfalls comprises fifteen family houses, a multi-purpose hall, an administration area, a workshop and a house for the village director. Up to 180 children can find a new home in the fifteen family houses and each family has its own garden to grow fruits and vegetables. Besides, a house for retired SOS mothers was established, where they can stay after retirement and act as grandmothers for the children.

The SOS Nursery School on the same premises has a capacity to take in up to 110 children and consists of five group rooms and several ancillary rooms.

Children from both the SOS Children's Village and the local community attend the SOS Nursery School together, which greatly supports their integration and mutual understanding.

Various activities, such as computer lessons, traditional dance, and gymnastics are offered to the children. Since 1989, the SOS School has been offering primary school education to up to 840 pupils per school year.

The primary school comprises 22 classrooms, computer labs, a multi-purpose hall, a library and a sports field. In order to meet the needs of the growing number of youths who had outgrown the SOS Children's Village, an SOS Youth Home was established in 1998, where up to 100 youths can stay during higher education or further training and prepare themselves for an independent life.

To learn more about SOS Childrens Villages please visit their site

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