July 2011 James & Kim, Warrington UK


"We hiked to Cloud house farm from Genalguacil village via the old mule path which was an adventure in itself, offering spectacular views and a few challenges underneath the shady canopy. Crossing through the river to continue the path was a novelty that didn't wear, it was a bit nerving at first but a welcome surprise. Highly recommended! The journey made the first sight of the farm and yurt even more rewarding, and the warm welcome we received assured us we'd have a great stay.

The yurt allowed us to truly get away from our routines of modern life and relax 100%. Its hard to believe we found such a place, but we're so glad we did. We enjoyed our lazy days in the hammock, sunbathing on the decking, Swingball, playing with Maddie and Rico and lounging around taking in the scenery with a nice glass of wine. It was amazing!

On the days we were feeling adventurous we went mountain biking, hiking to the village for supplies and Tapas - which was an impressive 8K round trip with a stop to play in the river pools with the fish and frogs. There was so much more to see and do which was our only regret apart from leaving.

Thank you Dan and Juss for our adventure and fantastic holiday !

Hope to see you again soon, Kim and James"

June 2011 Alex & Liane, Berlin Germany


We've had an amazing week away from all the complicated things and farting around like 2 big kids with our sticks in the stream whilst playing "LOST". Its been ACE ! A massive thank you to Juss, Dan, Fredy & Maddie for making us feel so welcome.

Its so inspiring to know they arrived here with just a tent and have created such a beautiful labour of love. Some tips for the next yurtees; - Walk through the river upstream from Venta San Juan & you'll find an incredible narrow-deep part for swimming. - Pick some oranges & squeeze your own juice. - Be warned

Uncle Rico the cat is a massive flirt and he knows he's good looking but he's just after your dinner! He will eat anything! - Sing Duran Duran "Wild Boys" & swap "Boys" for "Boar" to keep the hairy pigs at bay, it worked for us, we never saw any.

Counting the days until we come back xx Alex & Liane

June 2011 Cool Camping Press Team and Family UK


We've stayed in several yurts, but this is the most unique yurt experience. it's camping, it's glamping, it's upmarket self-catering, it's whatever you want it to be. We loved waking up in the morning with the sun streaming through the skylight, enjoying the views of "pueblos blancos" from our luxurious yurt. We loved eating outside and walking along the tracks looking for lizards.

We loved swimming in the river pools. We loved the freedom. We really miss it all and we want to be back.

From river-swimming, family naps in hammocks, and nights counting shooting stars while we ate home-cooked rustic Andalusian delights outside - every day of our break was inspiring and rejuvenating.

And our jaunt to fabulous Sevilla was the cherry on top.

Needless to say, we'll be back.

June 2011 Guy, Chania, Zaria and Darcy, UK


We spent a week at Cloud House farm with a 1 year old and a 3 year old..it was absolutly magical.

Perfect combination of comfort and adventure, seclusion and companionship, hot days and beautiful cool natural swimming pools, beautiful views and comfortable hammocks, bird song in the morning and ipod tunes in the evening... Cannot recommend it enough.. just lovely. Thank you Dan, Juss and Freddie.

We really did relax and totally forgot about our hectic life back in London. One thing we would advise is to stock up with provisions on route as you won't be in any hurry to leave once you arrive at Cloud House.

We will definitely be back!!

June 2011 Tian and Kwok, Hong Kong


We truly loved our stay at Cloud House.. it really was a wonderful time and will be a special memory for many years to come... well... until we come back !!