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Cloud House Farm Legal Information

Liability Disclaimer:


- Cloud House Farm offers private residential accommodation for short term tenancy.

- (Alojamiento oficial CTC-2017042032)

- By renting accomodation at Cloud House Farm you consent to enter a contractural agreement that Cloud House Farm will not be liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, delay or other matter beyond their control on or off the Farm.

Any person visiting Cloud House Farm, (Users) do so at their own risk. Users are to acknowledge that any outdoor recreational activity including but not limited to hiking, biking, tree climbing, rope swings and river swimming have inherent risks and agree that their participation in any such activity is voluntary and entirely at the users own risk.

Users / Guests are encouraged to take out sufficient personal travel insurance to cover against all such possibilities.

Due to the 2km dirt track access. Cloud House Farm guests are also encouraged to take out adequate car insurance as a precautionary measure to cover the underside of the rental car.

Privacy and Data Protection


Cloud House Farm respects your privacy. We will fully protect the confidentiality of any personal information that you provide us with and we are committed to processing all personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

The personal data that we collect may be used by us from time to time to contact you either by email about our holidays. We will not pass your information on to any other organisation or company.

We will retain your information for a reasonable period or for as long as the law requires.

We employ the necessary security measures to ensure that your personal information cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons and also against any unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

Exclusions and Limitations of Liabilty


This website aims to provide information about Cloud House products and services. This information is subject to variation without notice.

Cloud House offers no warranty whatsoever that any of the information displayed in this website is accurate or complete.

Intellectual Property and Copyright


Cloud House Farm owns the copyright in the content of this website. Material contained in this website may not be copied, stored on another website, reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part. In particular, such material must not be reproduced or exploited for commercial gain.

All other rights are reserved.



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Alojamiento oficial CTC-2017042032