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Responsible Glamping : Making a difference

Cloud House Farm is now the proud sponsor of Zashe, a little 2 year old boy at the SOS Children’s Village Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe.

All the guests staying at Cloud House Farm have helped to contribute & make this happen, a BIG thank you. We take a small contribution from each nightly rental to help make a difference.

Zashe was born on 8th September 2009 and he’s been at the SOS Children’s Village Waterfalls since August 2011 just short of his 2nd birthday. We have learnt already that he’s fanatical about football.

He was brought to the school as his parents were not in a position to care for him. With your help he’s now found a permanent home where he can grow up safely, go to school and receive an education. He will be cared for by a specially trained foster mother and have a stable & loving family background.

We plan to write to Zashe and tell him of his friends at Cloud House Farm, send him photos and drawing (by our son Fede 4yrs). We will also keep you, our guests updated on how Responsible Glamping can make that difference.

If you’d like to know more about how to sponsor a child through SOS Children’s Villages please visit sponsor-a-child

We also have more information on our Sponsor Page including a downloadable PDF sponsorship handbook.

SOS Childrens Villages Facebook Page

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